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我校联合培养博士在《Photonics Research》上发表最新研究成果

2019-11-25 08:33 (点击次数:)

近日,由我校特聘院士姚建铨、光电工程学院梁兰菊教授共同指导的博士张璋在太赫兹调制器方面的研究工作取得新进展,相关成果发表在国际期刊《Photonics Research》上(SCI一区,top期刊,影响因子5.52)。姚建铨院士、梁兰菊教授为文章的共同通讯作者,联合培养博士张璋为第一作者。


上述研究成果得到了国家重点研发计划项目(2017YFA0700202)、国家自然科学基金(61701434, 61735010)、山东省自然科学基金(ZR2017MF005,ZR2018LF001 )、枣庄市自主创新及成果转化项目基金(2016GH19)、光电信息技术重点实验室开放基金,教育部重点实验室(天津大学)的资助。

Fig. 1. (a) Schematic of MIMs platform with liquid flowing through from the inlet to the outlet under the irradiation of Ey-polarized THz waves; (b) tri-layer structure of the MIMs platform; (c) photograph of real MIMs device; the clamp and screws are used to package the layer materials and the soft pipes to guide the fluids. (d) Optical microscopy image of fabricated SRRs in a certain region; (e) geometric configuration of SRRs.

Fig. 2. (a) Measured THz transmission spectra for the MIMs sample showing the modulation of resonant peaks with varying water content from 0% to 100%; (b) corresponding simulation spectra, whereby the increasing water content levels are represented by an increasing water-layer thickness together with the enhancement of IPA-layer permittivity. (c) Schematic illustration of simulated model, in which the water layer and IPA layer are created to simulate the water effect in reality; (d) parameters extracted from the coupled Lorentz oscillator model by fitting the experiments in the frequency range marked as gray in (a) under different water contents; (e) electric field monitored to SRRs under 0.2 and 2 μm water-layer thickness at three resonant peaks marked as I, II, and III in (b), respectively.

Fig. 3. (a)–(d) Joint time-frequency analysis of experimental extinction obtained from CWT at water content of (a) 0%, (b) 20%, (c) 60%, and (d) 100%. (e), (f) The dependences of extinction intensity and FWHM of Gaussian curve acquired at 2.21 THz on water content at (e) position 1 and (f) position 2 that have been marked in (a).

Fig. 4. (a)–(c) Dependence of measured transmission on frequency and water content in (a) IPA, (b) ethanol, and (c) acetone. (d)–(f) Dependence of measured phase shift on frequency and water content in (d) IPA, (e) ethanol, and (f) acetone. (g)–(i) Group delays under different water contents in (g) IPA, (h) ethanol, and (i) acetone. (j)–(l) Corresponding transmission and phase shift of three peaks labeled as peaks I, II, and III [as shown in Fig. 2(b)] at different water contents in (j) IPA, (k) ethanol, and (l) acetone. (m) Histogram of modulation depth and phase difference of peaks I, II, and III in different organic liquids.



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